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KDOJ Sustainability Month 2022 | Fire Drill

Greetings, beloved KDOJ residents!

Mayday! Mayday! There’s a fire breaking out in KDOJ and there is no way out for us! Call the fire brigade? They need some time to get here while we are fighting this brazen fire precariously! 

In the night of 1st July 2022, the occupants of XC1, KDOJ were completely surprised with loud noises of explosion which followed with siren sound to evacuate the building. Floor leaders rushed to knock every door and instructed all occupant to evacuate in safe and calm manner to the evacuation point.

XC1 occupants at the assembly point

The emergency response team (ERT) swiftly took control of the situation. The chief commander (white helmet) instructed the head count to be carried out in less than 5 minutes! 

XC1 headcount

There seems to be a missing student and the chief commander gave command to the rescue team (blue helmet) to save the victim at the room and send him to the waiting ambulance/first aid team (red helmet).

Rescue team and first aid team in actions

The drill was ended by a summary talk by the UTM’s security team and a fire extinguishing demonstration. Thank you for the cooperation of all students, KDOJ’s ERT, KDOJ’s administration office, UTM security, UTM OSHE office, and UTM health center.

KDOJ Fellowship/RCC