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KDOJ Sustainability Initiative | Access of kitchen and pantry area at KDOJ

UTM Campus Sustainability Activities & Initiatives : Access of kitchen and pantry area at KDOJ



KDOJ have dedicated pantries for students to cook their meals at level 5, each block. This initiate helps to reduce the amount of plastic packaging from takeaways foods. Furthermore,  the students are educated to conserve resources and discard properly any recycle any wrappers, container, or food waste. With the regards to the request on the use of kitchen and pantry area at KDOJ in each block, the RCC with the support from the acting college principal, have attended their request with a general meeting attended by all students from respective blocks. The meeting were attended by 20 representatives from each block. Representative for each block has been elected in the meeting and they have been invited for a formal meeting with the KDOJ acting principal, assistant manager and RCC. On 2nd November 2020, 11am at KDOJ meeting, a formal meeting with regards to pantry usage has been conducted. The meeting was attended by KDOJ acting principal, assistant manager, RCC and representatives from each block. The meeting begun progressively with the opening remarks by Dr. Mohd Amri Bin Md Yunus, as the acting principal followed by explanation on rules and regulation for the use of pantry. Representatives have positively put forward their concerns and issues faced in each blocks. The acting principal with the support from the college assistant manager, manage to clear up all their doubts and arising issues. The meeting ended fruitfully with the representatives signing the letter of concern prepared by the management. As a good meeting output, all pantry area in each block are in use now with proper pantry SOP adhering to the rules set by the management.

Meeting on kitchen use with the representatives from each blocks