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KDOJ Sustainability Activities | Stingless Bee Talk & Workshop

UTM Campus Sustainability Activities & Initiatives : Stingless Bees Talk & Workshop






On 1st October 2020, the International Students Council of Nigeria (ISC Nigeria) in collaboration with Residential College Council (RCC), Kolej Dato’ Onn Jaafar (KDOJ) have organized Bee Hive Harvesting Training at Seminar Room, KDOJ. This training was conducted due to the demand made by ISC Nigeria in early September to learn more about Stingless Bee. ISC Nigeria was interested to have a better understanding and knowledge about Bee Hive Harvesting. Moreover, Nigeria is one of the countries that is suitable and has huge potential to produce honey from Stingless Bee. With that aim, few consecutive meetings were conducted between RCC, KDOJ, and ISC Nigeria to make sure the program is well planned and could provide the right impact to the participants. The participants were recruited by ISC Nigeria. Dr. Mohd Amri Bin Md Yunus (KDOJ Fellow) and his team were invited as speakers and facilitators for the program. The training was attended by 20 participants. To which this limited participants were accepted as a measure to follow the SOP provided by UTM during this pandemic. During the program, the participants were exposed to theoretical and practical knowledge of Bee Hive Harvesting using a teaching modules with seven topics. The program was divided into 4 sessions with breaks between sessions. The first session begun with the introduction to Stingless Bee by Dr. Mohd Amri Bin Md Yunus. The second session was practical in nature which focuses on beehive harvesting. Each participant were allowed to experience how to harvest honey directly from the beehive. Also, they have been given the opportunity to the taste the fresh honey from the hive. A special session where students were together for planting a couples of  Syzygium aqueum (watery rose-apple) plants at the end of the program, participants were very satisfied with the program and demand this program be conducted again near future.

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