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From Faraway to Champions: KDOJ’s Remarkable Bronco Games 2023 Journey

UTM’s famed intercollegiate athletic competition, the Bronco Games 2023, took place between 8 to 10 June and Kolej Dato’ Onn Jaafar (KDOJ) was one of 10 very good teams from different universities that competed.

KDOJ sent teams to compete for table tennis, badminton, tennis, and volleyball. All athletes had fought hard and congratulations to all teams, supporters, and volunteers. Overall, we only managed to clinched the gold medal for the volleyball competition and this is the story that told the journey of the volleyball games.

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There was a surprising turn of events to kick off the group stage. KDOJ was put in Group C, along with three other strong opponents, after a voting method decided the groups. Each group of three schools (Group A and Group B) played just two games to determine who advanced to the semi-finals.

KDOJ started off strong and confident in the group stage. Kolej Rahman Putra (KRP) was their opponent in the opener. The KDOJ squad displayed its talent by cruising to a 25-10 victory in the opening set. KDOJ won the second set, 25-18, after an equally outstanding performance.

Then, KDOJ took on Kolej Siswa Jaya (KSJ), another formidable opponent. Both sides were extremely skilled and athletic, making for a very close fight. Both sets were close, but KDOJ’s tenacity paid off as they came out on top, 25-23 in the first set and 26-24 in the second. Furthermore, we trailed them 3-12 in the opening set.

KDOJ played Kolej Perdana (KP) in the final match of the group stage. The KDOJ squad started the game confident in their abilities because to their prior victories. Their outstanding play ultimately culminated to a victory, as they swept KP in two sets, 25-11 and 25-18.

KDOJ anticipated they would advance directly to the semi-finals after sweeping through their group stage. Rules stipulated that the top two teams in each group would go to the playoffs, and that the champions of each team would vote to choose which team would advance to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, KDOJ did not do as well in the voting and instead advanced to the quarterfinals along with the second-place teams from each group.

Overall Gamestanding

KDOJ went into the playoffs with renewed determination despite the vote loss. They had to play the tenacious Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail (KTDI) in the quarterfinals. Once again, KDOJ displayed their talent and coordination by sweeping KTDI, 25-20 in the first set and 25-17 in the second.


KDOJ made it to the semifinals, where they were met by the powerful Kolej 9 & 10 (K9&K10). Two very good teams were engaged in a fierce struggle. At the end of the first set, K9&K10 had eked out a 25-21 triumph. KDOJ, not willing to give up, rallied mightily in the second set and came out on top, 25-16. In the decisive third set, both sides showed their mettle and ultimately prevailed. It was a close game, but in the end, KDOJ came out on top, 16-14.

The time had finally come for the spectacular conclusion. KDOJ took on Kolej Tuanku Canselor (KTC), a formidable opponent known for their strategic brilliance. The stakes were high as the two groups competed for the championship.


KDOJ played at full strength in the first set, which they ultimately won 25-19. KTC, however, was not going to give up without a fight. They rallied for a solid showing in the second set, where they displayed their prowess and tactical genius. Despite KDOJ’s best efforts, KTC came out on top with a 25-17 triumph to tie the game.

Fierce Game at the final

The final set was a true test of nerve and willpower, with everything on the line. Both squads gave their whole all in the game, not holding back. KDOJ’s unyielding determination and the encouragement of their devoted audience allowed them to give it their best. They worked together superbly, coordinating, and executing their plays with ease.

It was clear that KDOJ was the victor as the final points were tallied. They won because of their persistence and extraordinary abilities. At the end of the third set, KDOJ secured their victory with a 15-9 score, earning them the gold medal in volleyball at the Bronco Games 2023.

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