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Pantry Regulation

Pantry Regulation

As at 20 November 2020

  1.  Reservation for Kolej Dato’ Onn Jaafar Residents

Students’ representative who had been appointed will be responsible to manage the pantry area. All users must perform a one-time registration before they can use this pantry by submitting their details like name, room number, and contact number to the students’ representative. 

  1. Non-Halal food & drinks is not allowed

This pantry can be utilized by Muslim & Non-Muslim students. However, please make sure that all food, containers, and utensils are clean from any Non-Halal foods/products. Students who were found to be cooking on non-Halal equipment or consuming non-Halal, food, or drinks will be stopped promptly and they will be subjected to disciplinary actions.

  1. This is a kitchen for cooking daily portions

The kitchen should be used for food preparation, storage, and simple or moderate cooking. In general, any cooking activities for large number of people or like for a feast are not allowed. However, if it is required, please refer to point 8.

  1. Label all your cooking and food equipment

Only the dry food is allowed to be stored in the outside area the refrigerator (but keep it tidy). Put your name, date and room number on your foods/items. If you wish to share your food with other people, please also mention you intention on the label. Any items found without a label, it will be thrown away without prior notice.

  1. Pantry cleanliness

Do not let dirty pots, dishes, and others equipment left sitting on the kitchen. It will also be thrown away without a prior notice. Clear any spills that you had caused in the kitchen areas. Clean all the dirt you make while cooking immediately, even at the area of the kitchen hub, floors, chairs, or tables.

  1. Trash and scraps

Discard properly or recycle any wrappers, containers, or peelings. Trash bins are available in the pantry area, do not throw trash on the floor or throughout the windows.

  1. Rotten food

If you see rotten food at the pantry area, please throw it away even if it doesn’t belong to you. If you’re concerned that the owner will be upset, let them know (if you know who they are) or leave a note.

  1. Student gathering and meeting
    1. Mass gatherings are prohibited during emergency such as pandemics. The crowd will be dispersed, then promptly asked to leave the area.
    2. Outside the prohibited period and when it is permissible, if you’re planning a gathering or meeting and you need a lot of space for food preparation, please refer and discuss to the appointed students’ representative.Please give a fair period of time to reschedule the cooking time for other people.
  1. Switch off electrical

If you are the last user, turn off all electrical switches before exiting/leaving. This helps to retain the pantry safety and saves the electricity.

  1. Kitchen safety

Don’t leave cooking food unattended. Put away or remove all the hazards like unattended knives or utensils, fruits peels etc. KDOJ office reserves the right to withdraw the permission if the cleanliness, safety, assets conditions, or other matters are not in a satisfactory level.