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2024 Communal Work and Ramadan Preparation Day

Assalamualaikum To KDOJ JKM Members, Fellowship, Staff Office, and Students

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants and contributors who made the 2024 Communal Work and Ramadan Preparation Day a resounding success. The event, held on 8th March 2024 at the Seminar Room of Kolej Dato’ Onn Ja’afar (KDOJ), brought together the college Principal, Office Staff, Fellows, Assistant Fellows,KDOJ JKM members, and KDOJ students volunteers for a day of communal work (GOTONG ROYONG) to clean up the area and prepare for Ramadan.

The day commenced at 8 am with enthusiastic volunteers actively engaging in cleaning the surroundings and preparing the Ramada, showcasing a spirit of unity and cooperation. One of the focal points of our efforts was the Musollah, and participants dedicated their time to ensure its cleanliness and readiness for the upcoming holy month.

A special acknowledgment goes to Mr. Mojtaba, who played a pivotal role in organizing and arranging the program. His dedication and efforts were instrumental in the seamless execution of the event. Furthermore, we express our gratitude to Mr. Azan for his active participation and support during the program.

To express our appreciation for the involvement of all staff and fellowship members, and volunteers form the KDOJ residents, a token of gratitude in the form of refreshments was provided during the event. The sense of community and shared responsibility was evident throughout the day, reinforcing the importance of such collective efforts.

We would also like to extend our thanks to the esteemed members of Felo, Assistance Felo, and KDOJ JKM who joined us for the program, contributing to the success of the event right before the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan. Their participation exemplifies the unity and solidarity within our community.

As we reflect on the day’s accomplishments, we want to express our hope that everyone unable to join us is well. May God bless each and every one of you abundantly for your contributions and dedication. We look forward to more opportunities for collective endeavors and fostering a sense of community in the future.



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