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2023 Communal Work and Aedes Prevention Initiative

Assalamualaikum and Good Day


The 2023 Communal Work and Aedes Prevention Initiative were carried out as follows:


Date: Thursday, 25 May 2023

Venue: Around Kolej Dato Onn Ja’afar (KDOJ) – Assembly place at XC1 Foyer

Time: 8:30 am – 1:00 pm


The principal, college staff, fellows, assistant fellows, residential college council members, and many volunteers from the KDOJ residents took part in the event. The activities commenced at 8:00 am with a short briefing by the program director, followed by a brief speech by the principal. Among the activities were clearing the surroundings of the blocks, including the green areas, cleaning the prayer areas, and main office spaces. The tasks also involved refurbishing the garbage containment areas, applying Aedes larvae pesticide into toilet cisterns, removing garbage, and fixing/repairing abandoned structures.


The communal work concluded at 12:00 pm, followed by a lunch session.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all who participated in the communal work event, which is part of our Sustainable Month initiative. Your presence and participation greatly contributed to the success of this endeavor.


Here are the details of the event:


The communal work event aimed to bring our college community together to engage in activities that promote sustainability and have a positive impact on our environment. It also served as an effort to combat the spread of dengue fever by targeting Aedes mosquitoes. This event provided an opportunity for us to work hand in hand, fostering unity and collective responsibility.


As a token of appreciation for your involvement, refreshments were provided during the event. Additionally, participants will receive a certificate of involvement, recognizing their valuable contribution to the communal work.


We strongly encourage you to join us in this meaningful event, as your presence and active participation contribute to the success of our program’s objectives. The program will continue for the next three weeks on Fridays. Let us come together to make a difference and set an example for others to follow.





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