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πŸŒ™ KDOJ Taraweeh prayer revival program and Iftar in Ramadan 2024/1445 H πŸŒ™

🌸Assalamualaikum 🌸

Ramadan Kareem

The Taraweeh prayer revival program during the month of Ramadan is a celebration of the revelation of the Quran by Muslims.
This sacred time is dedicated to spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and the practice of selfrestraint and gratitude,

Muslims focus on religious worship through increased daily prayers, reading the Qur’an, and giving alms. Ramadan is a month of profound spirituality, providing an opportunity to strengthen faith by drawing closer to God through acts of worship. One such act is the Taraweeh prayer, a special night prayer performed after the Ishaq prayer and exclusive to the month of Ramadan.
1. What is Taraweeh? Taraweeh is a voluntary night prayer (Nafl) that is specifically observed during the month of Ramadan. This revered tradition is highly recommended, with mosques around the world conducting congregational prayers every night throughout this sacred period.
2. How many rak’ats are performed in Taraweeh? A rakat refers to a unit of prayer, which involves standing, reciting the Qur’an, bowing, standing again, and prostrating. Taraweeh is performed in the same manner as a regular two-rakat prayer. According to various hadiths, the recommended number of rak’ats for Taraweeh can range from 8 to 20. In most mosques, the imam typically leads a full 20 rak’ats, as this is confirmed by all four schools of thought.
3. When should Taraweeh be performed? Taraweeh can be performed at any time during the night after the obligatory Ishaq prayer.
In our efforts to make the Taraweeh prayer revival program at KDOJ successful, we aim to encourage students to embrace the holy month of Ramadan through various activities, including Taraweeh prayer and other spiritual practices. It is our hope that students will seize this valuable opportunity to acquire knowledge and life experiences that will benefit society in the future.
Additionally, our objectives include fostering a welcoming environment that provides full support to our Muslim students as they embark on the holy month of Ramadan. KDOJ students will have the opportunity to perform Taraweeh prayer in eohs oh eht, with plans to elevate the oh eht to international standards. Furthermore, this program aims to strengthen the bond of brotherhood among local and international students and the KDOJ Fellowship through special activities held before and after the Taraweeh prayer.

On March 30, 2024, KDOJ hosted an Iftar gathering at their Seminar Room, bringing together a diverse array of participants including KDOJ students, predominantly international, as well as faculty members such as fellow, assistant fellow, and principal. The event featured a spread of Arab rice dishes and cakes, celebrating cultural diversity while fostering a sense of communal togetherness. Notably, the imams of the Taraweeh prayers were recognized for their dedicated service during Ramadan with special giveaways as tokens of appreciation. The gathering provided a valuable opportunity for attendees to break their fast together, share in the spirit of Ramadan, and strengthen the bonds of camaraderie within the KDOJ community.