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🌸Assalamualaikum 🌸

Ramadan Kareem

Oh how great is the bounty of Allah that He has bestowed upon us! With utmost excitement, we announce our three-day iftar program for KDOJ students who registered through our survey before the holy month of Ramadan. The theme of this year’s iftar is sustainability, where everyone gathers around a large tray to share food and reduce waste. What’s more, each and every participant has played an active role in setting up and cleaning up the venue, preparing for the maghrib prayer. The program start at 8 of April 2023 with Β the main dish rainbow rice and chicken/beef. The next day continued the same occasion and with nasi biriyani as the main serving. On the final day, we were honored to have special guests from the Wakaf office – Mr. Mohd Shaifuddin Bin Mohamed, Puan Midah, and Mr. Firdaus, owner of the KDOJ minimart, who have generously contributed to our program. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved and express our deepest gratitude to our sponsors, the Education Endowment Fund UTM, Islamic Centre UTM, and KDOJ minimart. Alhamdulillah! The details of the program are as the following:

Date : 8-10 April, 2023.

Time : starts 5.30 pm.

Place of Dining : XB2 JKM room and XC1 seminar room.


KDOJ Fellowship 😊 / Iftar committee 2021